Corporate Entrepreneurship in China

A slowing economy, stronger competition, and disruptive change is bringing unprecedented developments to MNCs in China. Leaders, teams and organizations mustadapt with agility, resilience, innovation and readiness to embrace change. This takes strategic foresight, cognitive exibility and openness to use opportunities and inspire people to make the change….

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Success in Change Leadership

March 16-17, 2017

‚Success in Change Leadership‘

Workshop in Shanghai

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Leadership for Expat Managers in China

Testimonials from earlier participants say:

Participating at ‚Leadership for Expat Managers:
How to lead local Personnel‘ I was very impressed about the expertise of Dr . Laurence Awater, especially regarding
his fundamental knowledge and experience in dealing with western management practice in the Chinese company environment. This excellent seminar helped me a lot in developing my own management style in China. I like to recommend this event to all Westerners working in China.

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