Sucess in Change Leadership

For competitive, agile and future-oriented organizations change management has become the center of modern leadership. However, it is not sufficient to simply have basic change management skills and tools in place. To make change management a core organizational capability and embrace change as a corporate value organizational members live by, leadership development and change management must mesh.

Ask five executives, which are the most crucial success factors in leading change and you will most probably receive five different answers. The reason being individual experiences, perspectives and priorities are no less different than the sheer complexity of change programs involving numerous players and organizational levels. While we believe John P. Kotters seminal work Leading Change and his 8-Step-Model to transforming organizations to still be valid today, we also think that there is still a lot to learn in order to create best practices in change leadership…..

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Partnership with ICG

Partnership with ICG

We’re proud to announce that we now act as China partners of global consulting and training corporation Integrated Consulting Group (ICG), based in Austria. ICG focusses on supporting international industry clients in change processes and initiatives in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


The INNOVA Management Institute (Shanghai), founded and led by Dr Laurenz Awater, received a major contract for a series of leadership trainings held at the four China factory sites of a major automotive component manufacturer from Germany. The program, run in Chinese by one of INNOVA’s lead trainers and facilitators, will last for more than two years and include trainings of leaders at all levels of the organization.


For the automotive division one of our Swiss clients the INNOVA Management Institute (Shanghai) has started to conduct an action learning program for their sales team. The program, run in Chinese language, will incorporate both group and individual coaching sessions.