Talent Development

Instructional Design

We design and develop learning solutions in the areas of leadership, management skills, team development, intercultural learning, professional selling skills and project management.

  • For this we conduct a needs assessment.
  • Collaborate with management to identify major business objectives.
  • Identify appropriate learning approach.
  • Design a curriculum, program, or learning solution.
  • Design and develop instructional material.
  • Evaluate learning design.

Training Delivery

We deliver learning solutions in a manner that is both engaging and effective and apply various learning methodologies including experiential learning activities, role plays, business simulations, and action learning.

  • For this we prepare for training delivery.
  • Communicate objectives and inquire about expectations.
  • Align learning solutions with course objectives and learner needs.
  • Create a positive learning climate.
  • Deliver various learning methodologies.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Encourage participation and build learner motivation.
  • Deliver constructive feedback.
  • Ensure learning outcomes.
  • Evaluate solutions.

Executive and Group Coaching

We apply a systematic process to improve others ability to set goals, take action, and maximize their strengths. For this we

  • For this we comply with ethical guidelines and professional standards.
  • Establish trust and rapport with the client.
  • Demonstrate active listening.
  • Ask powerful questions.
  • Use direct communication.
  • Create awareness.
  • Create learning opportunities.
  • Help the client to develop goals and action plans.
  • Manage progress and accountability.

Team and Organization Development

Performance Improvement

We help our clients with identifying, analyzing and closing performance gaps, building a performance culture and creating an effective performance management process.

  • For this we identify customer and stakeholder needs.
  • Conduct performance analysis.
  • Conduct cause analysis.
  • Analyze systems and gather data.
  • Select solutions.
  • Manage and implement projects.
  • Evaluate results against organizational goals.
  • Monitor change.

Change Management

We support our clients in planning and implementing a systematic process to change management and transition, facilitate change workshops and train change agents.

  • For this we establish sponsorship and ownership for change.
  • Build involvement and buy-in.
  • Create a contract for change.
  • Apply diagnostic instruments.
  • Facilitate strategic planning for change.
  • Support change interventions.
  • Encourage integration of change into organizational culture.
  • Monitor change progress and provide feedback.
  • Manage and evaluate change results.

Action Learning - Executive Coaching

Coaching is the art of facilitating the learning, development and performance of others.
Coaching is a solution-focused process that supports the coachee in goal achievement and the creation of sustainable behavioral change.

  • Coaching builds upon a forward focused and structured format of goal setting, action planning and continuous progress review.
  • It helps the coachee to get to a new level of self-awareness and creates clarity and focus when facing particular challenges.
  • Coaching is an effective instrument for achieving higher performance and supports coachees in unleashing their full leadership potential.

In our coaching practice we comply with the professional standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and apply their basic principles:

  • Coaching is a process of self-discovery
  • Coaching is based on the belief of the basically unlimited potential of the coachee
  • Positive feedback is an essential element of coaching
  • Coaching is a coachee-driven process
  • Effective coaching evokes the coachees accountability to reflection, actions and outcomes
  • Coaching is about stretching and challenging the coachee and
  • Coaching is solution-focused.